Monday, April 13, 2009

Life is like a ........... Train journey?

Was wondering, if life is akin to a train journey...umm, lets see......

We start off from a particular station, called home, equipped to the best of our ability, with the aim of reaching our destination. During this journey,  we meet many people while on the train. Some of them start with us, and accompany us till the end..they are our family... some others we meet on the journey, but who accompany us till the end.. they are our true friends, our friends for life.. and some others are there with us only or a short while, but do leave their impact on us..they are the innumerable people we meet each day, everyday.. 

The train stops at several stations.. life also has many stops after which a new phases begins...these stops help us relax and refresh ourself.. the short stops at the station also indicates that everything in life is momentary... nothing lasts forever, and change is inevitable.. any sorrow/pain/loss is only temporary, and will enentually pass.... 

we may find a very special person on one of the stations, but he/she may not be able to accompany us, however much we wish to, coz' we are on different trains, and have different destinations to, one has to move on in life.. .... however, you do have control over its pace.. you have  the power to increase or decrease its speed as per your wishes..

It may so happen that other trains may overtake you.. but u must remember that you will also reach your destination, though a bit late :)

Jeevan to gadi hai, isko to chalna hai
Raahon mein station to aate hain jaate hain
Gum tera station hai, isko to jaana hai
Chalta chal khushiyon ka bi station aana hai..............


  1. Nice nice.. introspective and ponderings :) I see you're utilizing the free time well! ;)

  2. One should remember to taste the specialties at each and every station :)

  3. seems someone is learning the tricks of the trade...:)

  4. for thought...

  5. thanks guys... thats really encouraging.. :) :)

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  7. hmmmmm..I neva thought u cud b so thoughtful..nice one ya..I liked it veeeerrrrrrrryyy much...mere liye toh kabhi itna accha nahi likha tha chor!!!!!

  8. great write-up...the last four lines, of the song are a package of optimism...

  9. A nice stream of thoughts and a billiant observation of life.

    Gaadi aur zindagi ka safar hai bahut hi khaas
    Chalte dono hain, subah-o-shaam, din aur raat

  10. Hey Shreya...

    Just visited your blog.. You are an active Blogger yaar...

    Your posts are very interesting...

    Keep up your writing...

    Warmest of Regards,
    - Anand Wadadekar