Friday, November 13, 2009

Yin-Yang : The ONLY Truth of Life


  1. Shreya,
    This is a very good post on your Blog.
    This was an interesting and true to life reading for me.

  2. Hi,

    the trick of saying the most endurable things involves saying something very basic, yet unusual. I was reminded of this after reading your article. maybe everyone will agree with this theory, because it says very little, just to stoke the familiarity and imaginatione enough, and then leaves the rest of the story unsaid. The theory is then as powerful as our imagination is, as infallible as our own consciences to ourselves.

    This is often the philosophy behind businesses that changes the world. Like Facebook. iPhone or Google Wave. Everyone is trying to take up this theory now: just do enough to provide a framework, then leave everything to the customer as to what they'll do with the tool.

    I am sure by now that you are convinced that your post was thought provking :)

  3. Hi Ramanuj,

    I like the way you said, the theory is as powerful as our imagination. It can take us as far as WE want it to take us. Well, yeah, its a very basic thing in itself, but can be applied universally, to almost every situation in life. It helps see the "other side of life" :)

  4. yeah dere are 50-50 chances of "most" of the things tu happen but dere r sum circumstances where ppl r left wid noo choice i.e dere predictions become 100% rite..