Monday, November 9, 2009

Values to a large extent determine one's Strategy

This thought came to my mind while being taught game theory by one of our professor's at SIBM Bangalore - Prof. VN Bhattacharya, a management strategy consultant.

Almost each one of us have some kind of strategy, or claim to have one, or want to have one, either towards specific events or towards life in general. Now values are ingrained in our subconscious. Also, strategy is something which is unique for every individual, and each individual carves out his/her own strategy, which to large extent depends on his morals, ideals and character.

So, what I am hinting at is that the strategy a person chooses, is more often than not, governed by his/her conscience, and which in turn is defined by the values a person upholds.

Well, so does this mean that a person who essentially has a majority of "good" values, will to a large extent follow a strategy which is harmless to others?? I think in most cases he will, unless of course he finds himself being duped each time, and fells the need to play a "Tit-for-Tat" strategy.

Okay, I know this thought does leave scope for a large number of interpretations and arguments. But do think about it. And if you have any thought on this, do leave a comment!


  1. well said..u r gettin better n better with every attempt..!!

  2. Very correctly said Shreya...:-)
    According to me too the kind of strategy is some sort of a reflection of values that we have imbibed.
    Well but there might be a few exceptions when we are forced to get into a strategy we may not believe in...think over it also..!

  3. I fully agree with you Shreya... You have given a good thought...

    And due to your blog post, I would like to surely make everyone recollect the tag line of Infosys... "Driven by values, Powered by intellect".

    Values are most important which can drive anything and everybody.

  4. You are right. Values help us make choices. We tend to follow paths that are consistent with our value systems, and shun others. This is often more true in our personal lives. Unfortunately, it is less true in the corporate world.

    The trick, of course, is to err less often and sync our lives, work and professional decisions more and more with our values, especially good values.